In 2004, HUG rescued five girls, some abandoned; some orphaned. Christian home parents, Pastor and Mrs. Raymond Eugene, went on to save 15 other girls. One had been sleeping in a cemetery to escape sexual abuse. Thanks to financial support, these girls have their childhood back and a chance to reach their full potential. (The January 12, 2010 earthquake took Pastor Eugene’s life but the mission lives on under Director Sainte-Therese Delhomme.)

Your sponsorship will help feed, cloth, educate, and provide a girl a safe, loving home. You’ll receive her photo, story, and other information and can visit her in Haiti as part of a mission team. Your financial support will give her hope and a life-changing opportunity.

Help Stop Human Trafficking

Will you, your family, Sunday school class, group, or office help fight slavery?
The United Nation reports widespread human trafficking in Haiti. Slave traders spend $150 to $10,000 to buy Haitian girls, and that presents a dire challenge. It’s easier to buy a girl than to raise funds for her. As we seek sponsors, traffickers buy and sell girls. Fight slavery. Sponsor a girl. About $2,500 rescues and supports a girl for one year.