January 12, 2010, a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Haiti. More than 160,000 die. Close to 1.5 million people remain displaced. The massive earthquake that struck Haiti is old news and forgotten by many—unless you live in Haiti where ongoing devastation robs Haitians of basic necessities. Many people live on the streets. Financial struggles and food shortages? They’re a way of life.

Many Haitians eat anything they get their hands on. Mothers must choose which child gets fed and which one does not. Mothers even feed children clay patties cakes made from clay, salt, oil, and water just to put something in their empty stomach. Despite
parents’ best efforts, many children die of malnutrition.

Hungry, homeless people fill Haiti. Abandoned children fend for themselves on the streets. Way too many children can’t get one nutritious meal a day. To combat this dire situation, Haiti Under God partnered with other Christian ministries to deliver free, food-filled shipping containers. Each shipment provides the children of Haiti 270,000 meals. With your help we can feed even more. We invite you to partner with us in shipping food containers to Haiti each month. $1 a day feeds 15 children for a month.

Compassionate Numbers

Just $1, about the cost of a bottle of water a day, feeds 15 children for a month.
$10 will feed 5 children for a month
$20 will feed 10 children for a month
$30 will feed 15 children for a month
$50 will feed 25 children for a month
$100 will feed 50 children for a month
$1,000 will provide 27,000 meals
$10,000 will provide 270,000 meals

Do what you can and help feed children in need.